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Bobble Tote Crochet Pattern!

Bobble Tote Crochet Pattern!

This Crochet Pattern Almost Didn’t Happen

This bobble tote crochet pattern is one of my favorites because it taught me a valuable lesson. I frogged this project probably 8 times because I continually second guessed myself. I thought no one would like it and the idea wasn’t shaping up to be what I thought people would like. I was so frustrated by the idea of trying to make something just for the sake of popularity. It turns out, trying to be popular doesn’t work. I’m grateful for a single moment of clarity that told me “just make it the way you want it and keep it to yourself”. I’m even more grateful for the final result. I love this weird bag because it reminds me to be less concerned with “popularity” and more concerned with following all inspiration. They won’t all be winners, but they can make someone happy!

Thank you for coming to my blog. The maker community is incredible and I’m happy to share this pattern with you! Love and yarn 🙂

If you’d prefer the PDF, please see the ad free version of this pattern in my Etsy Shop!

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Bobble Tote

Materials needed:
Yarn: Super bulky/size 6 yarn (Big Twist Natural Blend in light grey for color A and Lions Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Fig for color B)
Approximately 150 yards of color A and 150 yards of color B

Crochet Hook: M/9mm
Yarn needle
Tape Measure (optional)

Stitch Abbreviations:
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Sc2tog – Single crochet 2 together
PS – Puff Stitch*
*Puff Stitch – (Yarn over and insert your hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop) 4 times. Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook except the last one. Yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on your hook.

*There are two sizes in this pattern. The numbers in parenthesis are for the larger size. The small size holds two small skeins and the large holds three or four depending on the yarn. Happy Crocheting!!

Ch 16 (24)
Round 1
Sc in second ch from hook and in next 13(21) [total of 14(22) sc]
5 sc in last stitch
Working along the other side of your starting chain, sc in next 13(21)
5 sc in the last stitch
Slip stitch in first sc to join
Total of 37(53) sc

Round 2
Ch 1 and sc in the same stitch as join
Sc in next 14(22) stitches
2 sc in next 3 stitches (around the end)
Sc in next 16(24)
2 sc in next 3 stitches
Join with a sl st to the top of the first sc from round 2
Total of 43(59) sc


Round 3
Ch 1 and sc in the same stitch as join
Sc in next 15(23) stitches
*2 sc in next, 1 sc* repeat from * to * twice more
Sc in next 16(24)
*2 sc in next, 1 sc in next stitch* repeat from * to * twice
Join with sl st to the top of the ch 1
Total of 50(66)


For the remaining rounds, work continuously without joining and chaining

Rounds 4-17 (20)
Sc in each stitch around [Total of 50(66) sc]
Use a stitch marker if you have any trouble seeing where your rows begin. (purple yarn in picture)


Hole for yarn (optional): Round 6 and 12, sc in each stitch until you’ve gotten to the side of your bag. (Different stitch count depending on the row) Lay your tote flat to be sure you’re working on the crease on the edge. Ch 1 and skip the next stitch to leave a hole for your yarn to work through. Continue sc in all other stitches.

Round 18(21)
Lay your tote flat again. The center 4 stitches will be left open. Use a tape measure to help find the center 4 stitches. For this round, sc until you reach the center 4 stitches, ch 4 and skip the next 4 stitches, sc in remaining stitches. Flip tote over and repeat measuring process. Be sure ch 4 spaces on each side line up with each other.

Rounds 19 and 20(22 and 23) sc around

Once you’ve reached the correct number of sc rounds, sl st into the next stitch. I prefer to end my final round on the edge. Cut your yarn and use an invisible join to weave in your end


Bobble Strap

**Your number of rows could differ from mine. You’ll want to do the row increases until your puffs reach the bottom of your bag. Line your starting ch 6 up with your ch 4 hole in the bag to measure. Once you’ve reached the bottom, you’ll have 3 rows of sc with no increases (rows 19, 20, 21 in pattern) before you begin your decreases.**

Row 1
Ch 6, sc in second ch from hook and in each stitch across (5sc)


Row 2
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in first stitch (the space immediately next to your chain 1), *PS in next stitch, sc in next*
Repeat from * to * across (Total of 3 sc and 2 Puffs)
Row 3 (Increasing Row)
Ch 1 and turn
2 sc in first stitch, sc in each stitch across until last stitch, 2 sc in last stitch (each row will have 2 more stitches than the last)


Row 4 -19
Each row of puffs will have one more than the last row.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your puffs reach the bottom of your bag (for the last row [19] sc in each stitch across without adding increases)

Row 20 and 21
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in each stitch across (These rows should run along the very bottom of the bag)

Row 22
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in first stitch, *PS in next stitch, sc in next stitch*
Repeat from * to * until the end of the row

Row 23 (Decreasing row)
Ch 1 and turn
Sc2tog in first 2 stitches, sc in each stitch until the last 2, sc2tog in last 2 stitches (each row will have 2 fewer stitches than the last)


Row 24-37
Repeat rows 22 and 23 until you have a row of 2 puffs left

Row 38
Repeat row 2 (the last 2 Puffs)


Row 39-41 (3 rows of sc)
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in each stitch across (5 sc)

Row 42 (2 Puffs)
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in first stitch, *PS in next, sc in next stitch*
Row 43
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in each stitch across
Row 44 (1 Puff)
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in first 2 stitches, PS in next stitch, sc in last 2 stitches
Row 45
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in each stitch across
Rows 46 – 57
Repeat rows 42 – 45 three more times or until your strap is as long as you want it. (alternate rows of 2 puffs and 1 puff with sc rows in between) Mind ends up being about 8 inches before moving on to the last row of 2 puffs.
Row 58 and 59
Repeat rows 42 and 43 (last row of 2 puffs)

Row 60
Ch 1 and turn
Sc in each stitch across (5 sc)


Once you’ve finished the Strap Section, cut your yarn and pull that section through one of your ch 4 gaps.


Flip your tote over and pull the end of your strap through the other ch 4 space.

Weave your yarn tail through the stitches on each side to join your strap.

Your sc rows should line up on the bottom of your tote.


All Done!!!

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Tag @ginger.knots or #gingerknots

All pictures and this pattern are property of Ginger Knots. Feel free to sell your work and share this blog post! Please give credit for this pattern to my blog and do not reuse or resell as your own.

40 thoughts on “Bobble Tote Crochet Pattern!”

  • this is the neatest bag ever!!! i can’t wait to make it… have the perfect yarn already. and just what i needed for a new ‘work in progress’ project holder!! thanks for providing the pattern.

      • Just found this pattern on “Share a Pattern”. It is so awesome! This is the kind of pattern whereby one could make the base a neutral and then make several straps in different colors for change ups, or vice-versa. I actually would like to try a longer strap for a crossbody version and conversion to a handbag. My mind is swimming with all the possibilities. I’m going to take time to look at other projects you have designed and shared. You are so gifted! Thank you for sharing!!!

        • This is the hardest item I have ever made . And I have made plenty over 3 years time. The bobble threads go ever which way . I have tried 7, 8, loops and nothing helps . I see why you frogged it so many times. I am using Bernard Blanket yarn Yarnspirations. I’m about to throw it in the trash . I have taken the Bobbles apart for 4 days . Is yarn too thick. It’s Super Bulky . How do you make the stitches go up and down .? The larger part looks great . It’s these bobbles. Whew ! Screaming now!!!

  • OMG!!! This is so different from all the other bags/totes I’ve seen. I absolutely love it. I’m new to crochet but I cannot wait to give this a try. Thank you for sharing this.

  • This is the first time I’ve posted a comment related to crochet. I am a beginner but very enthusiastic! I have a crocheted bag on my radar and have been collecting patterns. Yours stopped me in my tracks because of the unique and beautiful design. I’ve just learned bobbles so that aspect really intrigued me. Then when I read about the doubt you felt when designing it I just had to post about how much I love this design. I haven’t even read all of the instructions yet, but just wanted to be another person to let you know that this is a winner in my book! Thank you for what you are doing!

    • Oh wow! Thank you for your comment… This is just the sweetest. I means so much that you like this project since I thought it was a total dud. I hope you make one and I would love to see it when you do!

  • I have never left a comment on ANYTHING…EVER but I had to tell you how glad I am that you stopped frogging & decided to “make it the way you wanted”. This is THE most unique bag I think I have ever seen.
    Since I’m doing a succession of afghans for my nieces & nephews, it’ll probably be a month of Sundays before I get to try it for myself but I applaud your creativity! Keep on doing what you’re doing. You’ll never make everyone happy but I think the VAST majority will love your projects if they’re anything like this one!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!😻

    • Umm… Don’t mind me.. I’m just going to be crying my eyes out because of how sweet you are. It means the world to me that anyone would like this tote! I’m glad I shared my hesitation with the hope that others who second guess themselves realize that their ideas are valid. Thank you and I would LOVE to see your finished bag once you’ve gotten through all those blankets!

  • I, too, had to comment on your bag. Love the design. You are obviously very creative. Don’t ever doubt yourself again, bc this is one of best bags I’ve seen. It’s so unique and I will be making it soon. Thanks for sharing your talent with others.

    • Thank you… ugh. These comments. I’m going to ugly cry. Thank you for finding this weird little bag and putting it in your project list. I would love to see your finished project! Doubt is such a funny thing. I still do it even though I know it just stifles creativity! Thank you for reminding me to keep pushing doubt aside and making the things I want to make!

  • I thank you for such a beautiful project to try . I am so frustrated with myself not you. The large part is beautiful but the bobbles don’t lin up. The bobbles are turning ever which way. They are turning to the left , then next one to the right , they are so crooked. I have tried using 6,7,8, loops to see if that would help the bobbles. It didn’t . I have spent 4 days on those little devils. They have whipped me . Do you have any pointers.?

    • I’d be curious to see a picture of your project. There should only be bobbles on every other row. When you make bobbles in other patterns, have you come across this problem?

    • Hi Wanda, I don’t see that anyone addressed this but I think the solution is to make tall/long single crochets in between each puff stitch by pulling the loop up to the height of the puff stitch before drawing thru to complete the SC. Hope this helps. PS. Almost done with my first tote and truly LOVE this pattern <3

  • Hello! I love this bag and love the choice of your colors. I can can do basic crocheting so I hope I can pull it off. Do you know if I would be able to make throw using t-shirt yarn?