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Madeline Triangle Scarf

Madeline Triangle Scarf

This triangle scarf pattern was made with the idea of simplicity in mind. I love a one skein project with repetitive stitches and a triangle scarf was on my mind. I also love the look of moss stitch (aka linen stitch or grit stitch)! Once you get through the first two rounds, this project repeats the same steps until you’re done! The Madeline Triangle Scarf is a beginner level pattern! Check out the video at the end for a tutorial if reading patterns isn’t your favorite! One issue I’ve had with triangle scarves is having the ends come undone. This one is wide enough so it doesn’t come undone and adding tassels makes it even better!

Please feel free to sell your finished items. However, please give credit to my website for the pattern. Please do not use my photos as your own.

This post contains affiliate links. You can find links to purchase the same materials I used! You can also head to my Etsy to download the PDF ad free! It comes with pictures and also without so you can print on just one page!

Materials needed


1 cake of Lion Brand Mandala Yarn or equivalent. Approximately 590 yards of any size 3 yarn. You can also make this with worsted (size 4) weight for a thicker and more dense scarf! You’ll want to go up a hook size or two if you use thicker yarn.

Click the yarn to find it online!

Shop for other size 3 yarn!

Crochet Hook

US J10/6.00 mm – Click here to find hooks!

Yarn needle


Gauge isn’t as important with this scarf. If you want bigger holes, go up a hook size! 🙂

Stitch Abbreviations

Ch – chain

St – Stitch

Sts – Stitches

Sc – Single crochet

Dc – Double crochet


Row 1

Ch 4 and sl st to starting chain to form a ring and Ch 3

Sc 1, ch 1, (sc 1, ch 2, sc 1), ch 1, sc 1, ch 1, dc 1 into the ring – stitches in () are your corner stitches. [This is moss stitch. Your sides will have 2 sc with a chain 1 between and your corner will also have 2 sc but with 2 chains in between.]

Row 2

Ch 3 and turn your work

Sc in first ch 1 space, Ch 1

Sc in next ch 1 space, ch 1, (sc, ch 2, sc) in ch 2 sp. [You’ll always sc in each ch 1 space from the previous row unless you’re in the corner.]

Ch 1, Sc in next ch 1 space, ch 1, sc in last ch 1 space, ch 1, dc in same space as the previous sc

Row 3 and beyond!

Each row is the same until you reach the end of your yarn or until your scarf is the desired size! (Mine ended with 71 total rows)

Ch 3 and turn

Sc in first ch 1 space

Ch 1

Sc and ch 1 in each ch 1 space along edge until you get to your corner

(Sc, ch 2, sc) in ch 2 space from last round – corner

Ch 1

Sc and ch 1 in each ch 1 space along edge until you reach the ch 3 space from the last round. (Last space)

(Sc, ch 1, dc) in last space

Bind off and weave in the ends.

If you have enough left, make some tassels!

Here’s a video demonstrating the steps!

Thank you so much for making the Madeline Scarf!

Please share it with me on Instagram @ginger.knots or #gingerknots!!

The photographs and pattern are property of Ginger Knots. This pattern is for personal use. No unauthorized reproductions or distribution is permitted.

All finished products from this pattern can be used for local and online sales. If selling finished products, please give my shop credit for the pattern.

37 thoughts on “Madeline Triangle Scarf”

    • The pattern should be the same for left and right handed. You’ll want to ignore the pictures because they are made my right hand being dominant. The steps should be the same regardless of which hand you’re using. Thank you for your comment. I hope to add left handed tutorials in the future!

  • It’s a beautiful pattern, don’t get me wrong, but it makes no sense. What terms are you using? When I single, my starting row looks nothing at all like yours. It’s short, stumpy, and doesn’t match the second row. I am very confused.

    • When I first started to crochet, I bought a bunch of metal hooks and my hands would cramp trying to hold onto them. I threw on rubber bands and the hand cramps went away! 🙂

      • I couldn’t help but laugh when I realized you had that rubber band around your hook! LOL.
        Come on now …. let’s not Dollar Tree your hook like that ! Buy yourself a good ergo hook or take those metal hooks and make your own with some clay ! Lots of DYI videos on how to do it.
        Sorry — just had to tease you a little bit !

        • Haha I love that you just gave me crap about my lazy hook upgrade. I could (and should) absolutely step up my hook game, but for some weird reason, I love my weird hooks! I do have some ergo hooks, but keep coming back to these and a rubber band haha. I think I’m going to spring for some really pretty wooden ones. Thanks for keepin it real with me lol!

  • Thanks so much for the pattern and tutorial! I’m following your instructions, but the top edge kind of looks like it is crooked and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It’s forming a triangle, the outermost edges just look crooked. Thanks!

    • I’d love to see a picture! Mine is a bit weird in the beginning and stretches as you continue the rows. Feel free to shoot me an email with a picture and I’d love to help!

  • Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  • I just started this pattern about an hour ago. It’s working up so nicely and looks great! Only because of my own personal preference, I started with a magic ring instead of a chain 4 and slip stitch.

    • Magic Circle totally works too! I find it is a bit tougher for a beginner, but I know it will finish beautifully. I’d love to see your finished scarf!

  • It was fun to do and a nice looking pattern and stitch, but I’m at 74 rows and it doesn’t seem long enough to wrap however I stretch it or fold it and I wouldn’t call it a triangle when laid flat. Looked at your toutorial but you don’t really show it unfolded/scrunched so I don’t know if mine is quite right.

    • Feel free to send me a picture of your finished scarf! I’d love to see it and help if there are any differences. The finished ones do make a triangle when laid flat.

  • Hi,
    I’m having a little problem starting out the pattern. After a few rows, the triangle starts being puffy, rounding out . What am I doing wrong??? I’m following with the tutorial.
    I love the pattern but I’m restarting over and over again and there is something I don’t understand, obviously! Thank you for your help!

  • Thanks for such an easy pattern! I’m going to do it in not 1, but FOUR Cherried Away Sugarwheels from Hobby Lobby. I like a really, really big shawl, and I think this one will be great come winter!

  • Oh my gosh, LOVE your blog and patterns! I was searching around the net for an easy triangle crochet scarf, and found this one. I can’t wait to make it, as I am absolutely ADDICTED to the Mandala yarn and I’ve been making scarves and blankets and shawls in all the colorways! Thanks for this blog, and all the patterns! They’re GREATLY appreciated!