The Lattice Scarf – a light and airy knit scarf pattern

The Lattice Scarf – a light and airy knit scarf pattern

This light and airy knit scarf pattern is one of the few times I saw the yarn and HAD to have it with no idea what I was going to make. It is a perfect dusty pink color with an amazing texture that works up into this huge and fluffy scarf that won’t weigh you down. Since I had the perfect yarn, I knew I had to commit to a project I could love as much as the yarn! As a result, I frogged multiple projects.

Because this yarn is already so bulky, I knew I wanted to try a few things. Firstly, in my experience, knitting makes a much less thick fabric and would have better drape. Secondly, I knew I didn’t want to go with just knit and purl stitches. I had a problem because that’s all I had ever done with knitting! The SKPO took a few tries to get right and that effort paid off.

I also made this same scarf with other size 6 yarns such as Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick and it works up great! The resulting scarves turned out great and were top sellers at my last craft show.

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Materials Needed

  • 2 skeins of Bernat Roving – Quartz Pink or another super bulky (size 6) yarn – 200 yards
  • 15mm knitting needles
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


  • CO – Cast on
  • St – Stitch
  • K – Knit
  • P – Purl
  • YO – Yarn Over
  • SKPO – slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over


The Lattice Scarf with Lion Brand Yarn in Fisherman

This scarf can be so adaptable. I was looking for a super wide, light and airy knit scarf for my finished project. If you want something a bit thinner, you can just cast on fewer in the beginning. As long as it is an odd number, the rest of the pattern will work perfectly! The length is also a suggestion as you can stop short or keep going until you run out of yarn… or the store does!

CO 25

Row 1: K across

Row 2: K1, *YO, SKPO*, Repeat from * to * to end of row

Row 3: P across

Row 4: K2, *YO, SKPO*, until 1 st remains, K last st

Row 5: P across

Rows 6 – end: Repeat rows 2-5

Final row: K across

Weave in Ends!

You’re done! Weave in those ends and add your tags! Thank you so much for making The Lattice Scarf! Please feel free to sell your finished projects. Just be sure to give credit to my blog for the pattern. I’d love to see those finished projects so tag me on Instagram! @ginger.knots and #TheLatticeScarf