Hi everyone! I’m Courtney.

I’m the ginger behind the knots! My yarn journey began like so many others: someone tried to teach me when I was young… I hated it…

The only successful crochet project was the longest series of chains in history.

In 2013, a friend of mine started talking about boot cuffs and our frustration in trying to find some. That was the tiny spark.. That conversation began the teensy voice in my head that said, “I wonder if I could make that?”

After years of combing through YouTube videos, trial and error, and then some more trial and lots more error, my crochet abilities really began to take shape. I began to find my style and my crochet voice.

This website is my attempt to share what I have learned. I hope to share beginner patterns, tips for craft shows, and anything else I learn along the way. No yarn journey ever ends!

Thank you for being here.