Gifts for Crochet and Knitters

Give great gifts to the crochet or knit obsessed person in your life!

Gifts for crochet and knit enthusiasts can seem like a scary thought… So many of us yarn artists are total weirdos about our tools. I am absolutely putting myself in that category! I wasn’t always this way…

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When I started crocheting, I would buy the least expensive hook and then wonder why my hand was cramping.  I would buy skinny metal hooks with no grip to them. It took extra pressure from my hands to keep the hooks from sliding around. Cue the hand pain and frustration. Eventually, I put a rubber band around them and voila!! The pain was gone! I still do that with metal hooks and you can see it on my Instagram to this day because hooks don’t have to be expensive to work well.

Apart from the pain of using cheap materials, I’ve also evolved to want a certain aesthetic with the materials I use. If my house is going to be completely full of yarn and yarn related tools, I wanted them to be enjoyable to look at. I’m a gal who is obsessed with neutrals and I wanted to display my tools openly so greys, wood tones, and white are my top choices! There are tons of colorful options if your yarn lover likes those better.

For these reasons, I have curated a list of things I would have LOVED to get when I was starting my crochet and knitting life. I’d still love to get them now! (Someone should tell my husband…) There are a variety of gifts at many different price points you could give before we even start talking about yarn. Of course, you could always just give yarn.. lots and lots of yarn.

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Tools of the Trade

Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hook Set
with smaller sizes

Knitting Needles

I actually use this set
and I love it!

Getting a set of crochet hooks or knitting needles is a good place to start. This will give your yarn lover all the sizes needed to make every single thing they pin on Pinterest. At least, I know I wanted to when I got started!

This next one might be obvious, but some gifters are intimidated by the choices in the craft store. I know I’ve always love experimenting with different brands, sizes, types, and colors, but you can’t go wrong with neutrals or wool… Of course, I’m talking about:


You really can’t go wrong here, but neutrals are a good place to start

Scissors and a Yarn Needle

“But Courtney, why do they have to be gold..”
I don’t know.. but they’re pretty 🙂

Storage – This is a MUST

Let’s keep it real.. This isn’t going to be big enough.

Getting Started

Once you’ve got the hooks or needles or both, your crafter is going to need some direction. It’s tough to know which size yarn goes with which hook or needle at first. YouTube is a great place to do some digging. I’ve got some beginner tutorials and patterns on my YouTube channel. Click here to go visit!

Apart from YouTube, there are tons of fantastic books out there. The one below is new and the tutorials look amazing! You can also find my beginner level patterns in my blog. Here’s one!

Pattern Books

This book just came out and her patterns are chic and beautiful!
Yarn Winder
The yarn scraps get crazy if you don’t organize them…

This list hardly scratches the surface of all the things you could get, but it is the basics. You could get blocking mats, yarn needles, stitch markers, fancy scissors, etc… The list goes on and on and you can find it all on my Amazon page by clicking HERE!