Bobble Tote Crochet Pattern

I love taking yarn with me. Many years ago, I took it to a baseball game and ended up standing the majority of the game. I was trying to think of a way to hang my yarn on my forearm, but the bags I had weren't really for that purpose. A tiny bit of research would have shown me all the wonderful project bags already available on the market... My excuse is that I was new and I didn't know other people had probably already solved the problem haha!

Designing this bag was full of doubt. I started it, pulled it out, started again, told myself no one would like it, and finally said "who cares I'll just finish it and see what happens". That caution to the wind attitude resulted in my oldest and most popular free pattern to date. Go figure...

If you don't mind coming back to a website to work on it, the pattern is here for you for free! Otherwise, the PDF is also available for sale here. This post contains affiliate links. That means I've linked the supplies to make the project below and I'll get a small commission if you purchase through those links. It doesn't impact the cost to you!


Yarn: Super Bulky/Size 6 - Approximately 150 yards of each color

I used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Slate for color A and Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Fig for color B

Crochet Hook: 9mm/M

Yarn needle and scissors

Stitch Abbreviations

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Sc2tog – Single crochet 2 together

BS – Bobble Stitch*

*Bobble Stitch – (Yarn over and insert your hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop) 4 times. Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook except the last one. Yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on your hook.

Note: There are two sizes in this pattern. The numbers in parenthesis are for the larger size. The small size holds two small skeins and the large holds three or four depending on the yarn. Happy Crocheting!!


Ch 16 (24)

Round 1: Sc in second ch from hook and in each stitch across 13(21) 5 sc in last stitch. Working along the other side of your starting chain, sc in 13(21) 4 sc in the last stitch Slip stitch in first sc to join.

PDF has photos to assist.

Round 2: Ch 1 and sc in the same stitch as join, sc in next 13(21) stitches 2 sc in next 3 stitches, sc in next 15(23) 2 sc in next 3 stitches, join with a sl st to the top of the first sc from round 2

Progress picture after second row

Round 3: Ch 1 and sc in the same stitch as join, sc in next 16(22) stitches *2 sc in next, 1 sc* repeat from * to * twice, sc in next 16(23), *2 sc in next, 1 sc in next stitch* repeat from * to * twice, join with sl st to the top of the ch 1.

For the remaining rounds, work continuously without joining and chaining

Rounds 4-17 (20): Sc in each stitch around [50(64) stitches]. Use a stitch marker if you have any trouble seeing where your rows begin. 

Mark Center for Handles

Round 18(21): Lay your tote flat. The center 4 stitches will be left open. Use a tape measure to help find the center 4 stitches or count inward from the edges. For this round, sc until you reach the center 4 stitches, ch 4 and skip the next 4 stitches, sc in remaining stitches. Flip tote over and repeat measuring process. Be sure ch 4 spaces on each side line up with each other.

Round 19-20: Sc in each stitch around, finish the edge with an invisible join.

Bobble Strap

Row 1: Ch 6, sc in second ch from hook and in each stitch across (5sc)

Row 2 Ch 1 and turn, sc in first stitch (the space immediately next to your chain 1), *BS in next stitch, sc in next* Repeat from * to * across (Total of 3 sc and 2 Bobbles for this row)

Row 3 (Increasing Row): Ch 1 and turn 2 sc in first stitch, sc in each stitch across until last stitch, 2 sc in last stitch (each row will have 2 more stitches than the last)

Row 4 -18: Each row of bobbles will have one more than the last row. Repeat rows 2 and 3. By this point, your bobbles should have nearly reached the bottom of your bag.

Row 19 - 21: Ch 1 and turn Sc in each stitch across (These rows should run along the very bottom of the bag)

Bobble tote in progress

Row 22: Ch 1 and turn, sc in first stitch, *BS in next stitch, sc in next stitch* Repeat from * to * until the end of the row (10 Bobbles).

Row 23 (Decreasing row): Ch 1 and turn, sc2tog in first 2 stitches, sc in each stitch until the last 2, sc2tog in last 2 stitches (each row will have 2 fewer stitches than the last)

Row 24-37: Repeat rows 22 and 23 until you have a row of 2 puffs left

Row 38: Repeat row 2 (the last 2 Bobbles)

Bobble strap nearly completed

Row 39-41: (3 rows of sc) Ch 1 and turn Sc in each stitch across (5 sc)

Row 42 (2 Bobbles): Ch 1 and turn Sc in first stitch, *BS in next, sc in next stitch*, repeat * to * once.

Row 43: Ch 1 and turn Sc in each stitch across

Row 44 (1 Bobble): Ch 1 and turn Sc in first 2 stitches, BS in next stitch, sc in last 2 stitches

Row 45: Ch 1 and turn Sc in each stitch across

Rows 46 - 57: Repeat rows 42 – 45 three more times or until your strap is as long as you want it. (alternate rows of 2 puffs and 1 puff with sc rows in between) Mind ends up being about 8 inches before moving on to the last row of 2 puffs.

Row 58 and 59: Repeat rows 42 and 43 (last row of 2 puffs)

Row 60: Ch 1 and turn Sc in each stitch across (5 sc)

Once you've finished your strap, cut a 6 inch tail. Loop the strap through the ch 4 gaps in the bag section. 

Use the tail to sew the ending strap to the beginning chains using mattress stitch or whip stitch.

Your beginning and ending sc crochet rows should be lined up and your Bobble Strap is secured to the bag portion.

Bind off and weave in the ends! Now you can throw your project in and take your yarn everywhere!

Bobble strap sewn together Finished tote



Bobble tote in purple and grey


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