The Sella Pillow

I'm in the middle of a whole home remodel... It's been 84 years.. jk it's been 4 years. We assumed the project would just be some paint and flooring. That really highlights how naive we were. The pool was completely in shambles. The foundation wall was caving in. Mice, mold, water damage... You get it. I'll have so share pictures when its all said and done. 

The one thing I can finish are decor items! As we're finishing the drywall, I can dream of the finished spaces and put my yarn to good use. While designing this pillow, I was also shopping for tile. That was my inspiration for this pillow!

The Sella Pillow

The yarn used is brand new and made from recycled fibers! It's called Re-Spun Thick and Quick. Since it is a size 6 yarn, it works up really quickly. Another great quality is how soft it is even though it's recycled plastic! I was really expecting a scratchy and irritating fiber, but was thankfully wrong. 

Click here to see all the colors of Re-Spun Thick and Quick!

Made with 2 panels sewn around a 16 inch pillow insert. This project uses a few skills: duplicated stitches, carrying yarn, and intarsia if you'd prefer that for the center instead of carrying. Because of that, it is an Intermediate level knitting pattern. 

The best part is you can get it for free on the Lion Brand Yarn Website!

Click HERE for the free pattern!