The Turning Points Crochet Sweater Pattern

My most challenging designing experience to date! The Turning Points Crochet Sweater Pattern is made with simple stitches and construction, but the math involved was really hard haha.

Designing this pattern

Moss stitch is my favorite stitch! I've used it in multiple projects including my most popular pattern ever... the Madeline Triangle Scarf!  Crocheting sweaters were the only thing on my mind beginning in early 2020 when I was first approached by Lion Brand to create a sweater pattern. I knew I had to come up with a sweater that used moss stitch!

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Why Moss Stitch?

My struggle with crochet garments in the past is that many stitches can result in stiff "fabric". Crochet can have a tendency to be a bit thick and doesn't always feel nice to wear as a sweater. So many wonderful designers have found ways to work with crochet stitches to find a way to make it have a wonderful drape. Moss stitch is one of those ways! Knowing how happy I was with the feel of the Madeline Triangle scarf pattern, I knew it would work really well for a garment. 

At that time, a trend I was seeing on Pinterest was the Chevron inspired sweaters. I knew this would be the perfect idea for my moss stitch garment! All I had to do was switch up a traditional raglan design so the corners would shift from the underarms to the points in the front and back!

Chevron sweater

Yarn Choice!

I tried it for the first time with size 5 yarn, but that felt too bulky for the aesthetic I was going for. Next, I tried Lion Brand Wool Ease. It's a size 4 yarn and one of my absolute favorites! Here's a look at my second try. I almost always make my garments at least twice.

Crochet Sweater pattern

The color options with this yarn are amazing so you can really get creative with the color changes. I was not overly happy with mine because I think the top color matched too closely to my skin color. I wasn't feeling this version for that reason. 

That's when Lion Brand pitched a new yarn to me asking if I had an idea that would work well... I knew I had to submit a sketch for this pattern! Here is what I sent!

Crochet design sketch

The wonderful team over at Lion Brand gives me a lot of faith when I submit a design.. lol. I'm not the best at drawing what's in my mind and they trust that it will make sense! Thankfully, they chose my design and sent me some of the most gorgeous yarn called Touch of Yak. This yarn has a luxurious weight to it that other yarns haven't. That, combined with the slight sheen and stitch definition helped to create the most gorgeous garment!

Touch of Yak yarn

I originally got three colors, but they are such subtle color changes between the Alabaster and Water Lilly (cream and grey) that they weren't looking the way I had hoped. There wasn't enough of a contrast and the Rose Dust (pink looked better with the Water Lilly so I frogged the whole thing... 

After measuring, math, emails with the extremely patient Lion Brand tech editor, and some more math, the final pattern came out exactly how I hoped! I'm so proud of this one, my friends.. It took the most effort of any pattern I've written so far and it is available to you for FREEEEEE! 

You'll need a few things

Yarn: Lion Brand Touch of Yak Amount depends on size since this pattern is made for XS - 3X

Crochet Hook: Size I-9/5.5 mm

Stitch Markers and a Yarn Needle

Find the free Turning Points Sweater pattern here! I highly recommend giving the Touch of Yak yarn a try if you haven't had the chance! The weight and drape are perfect! 

Happy making! Please tag me over on Instagram! I love to see and share your finished work! My handle is @ginger.knots so come say hi!

Finished Crochet Sweater Pink and light grey